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Client Testimonials

I am an Executive Director of Advertising & Brand Management, my life is unbelievably fast-paced and bookkeeping and taxes are something that I do not want to mess up. So I tried out Gwenn’s Tax Service and have never regretted my choice! Ive been a loyal customer for over 13 years, and thank Gwenn for being there to aid in making sure my finances and taxes are in alignment with the IRS. I find solace in the fact that my books and taxes are in the hands of an expert, Gwenn is a one of the best and I highly recommend her services to anyone that needs a skilled professional with honest and dedicated hometown values.
Ben B, Rocklin CA.


Gwenn’s work ethic is amazing! She’s the most honest Tax Pro in her business dealings, and extremely effective with financial planning strategies, accounting systems, intuit quickbooks, bookkeeping, taxes, and more. Gwenn is so great to work with and a valued pro when helping you with your business. Great job Gwenn! You are a Diamond that Everyone needs to Find!
Loni W, Logan UT.


I’m far to busy with life and the challenges I face each day! I want someone that will be there for me any time that I have a question, and honestly, Gwenn has been there for me, when I needed her most. Whenever I call, she there and answers all my questions. If shes busy, she will call you back as soon as possible. I may not know everything in life, but the one thing I do know, is that I can count on Gwenn to handle all my Tax Service needs and without error. Thank you Gwenn for all your hard work, and personal service. Like others have said, you’re a gem!
–  Luke M, Ogden UT.


I’m just going to keep this simple and sweet. If you’re looking for a tax professional that is going to take care of you personally and not treat you like a robot, or another number. Then Gwenn is the one for you. Her exceptional attention to detail is incredible, and she knows her stuff! Let’s face it, I know I could try and do my taxes my self, but honestly I have a greater chance of messing them up, then just letting someone that has years of experience and lives for the bookkeeping & tax biz! Thanks Gwenn, this testimonial should give people an idea of how awesome you are. I leave my taxes to the pro’s, so I can live my life with a lot less stress…
John G, Brigham City UT.


All I can say is Wow! What a lifesaver! Gwenn is AMAZING! She helped me receive a refund when I expected to pay taxes! I was in shocked! Had I not have had her years of experience dealing with the IRS and her professional expertise, I wouldn’t have known about Tax benefits that were available to me. Thank you Gwenn! You are truly amazing and our Tax professional forever. Thank you.
Amber S, Antelope, CA.


One of my good friends referred Gwenn to me, and I was trying to do my own taxes at the time. I figured I owed a couple thousand in taxes, but I got frustrated as there are so many tax laws, its hard to keep up. I decided to give Gwenn a shot and I was pleasantly surprised! Long story short, I didn’t end up paying taxes, and actually got a little back in refund! Thank you Gwenn, I am a believer now, and you have my business!
Jesse M, Lincoln, CA.